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Daryl Firlotte

Other Interest Sector-  Citizen at Large

Daryl Firlotte  graduated with a Chemical Technology Diploma from Northern College. He has recently retired as a Senior Environmental Officer from the Ministry of the Environment with 27 years of service and prior to that with ten years in the mining field as a metallurgical assistant /environmental coordinator.As part of his duties as an environmental officer, he would inspect and review reports for many types offacilities such as: water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, waste disposal sites, industrial sewage sites (ie. mine tailings sites), waste haulers, PCB sites, saw mills, and pulp & paper mills.During his service with the Ministry, he was awarded with two prestigious Emerald Awards. The 2011 Emerald Award was for an aggressive but fair approach to manage compliance issues at a nickel mine that had the potential to cause significant environmental effects. The 2016 Emerald Award was for outstanding abatement oversight on the February 14, 2015 train derailment file. In 2013, he was recognized at a national level with the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Metal. He is looking forward to using his environmental background and contributing to the Community as part of the Source Water Protection Committee