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Interactive Maps

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks  has created an interactive map of Ontario as a visual search tool to determine areas of vulnerability based on their proximity to municipal drinking water intakes and/or water wells.

If your location of interest lies within a vulnerable area, click the map area to access the Source Protection Information Atlas for more information on management policies and prohibited activities.

 Intake Protection Zone Graphic

You can also find out if activities on your property are affected by policies in the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan by clicking on the vulnerable area maps below.

Intake Protection Zone 1
Intake Protection Zone 2

If your property/business is not located within the specified vulnerable areas, then your activities will not be affected by the policies within the Source Protection Plan.

Please note: These maps are provided to assist individuals and businesses living and working in the areas surrounding the municipal drinking water source to see how their activities may be affected by the policies in the Source Protection Plan. Information provided on the maps is a summary of the policies in the Source Protection Plan.

For further details on the Source Protection Plan you can download a copy here or if you have questions, please contact the Drinking Water Source Protection Staff at spc@timmins.ca or call 705-360-2660.