Risk Management Officials

Risk Management Officials or RMOs, are specially trained and qualified to evaluate risks to municipal drinking water sources. They work with the property owner to develop a Risk Management Plan. You might also meet a Risk Management Inspector, or RMI, who enforces Risk Management Plans similar to the way a building inspector enforces the Ontario Building Code. Risk Management Officials and inspectors carry provincially issued identification that you can ask to see at any time.

Risk Management Official – General Responsibilities

  • Administer and enforce Part IV policies set out in the source protection plan
  • Evaluate risks to validate an activity is not considered to be a significant drinking water threat
  • Negotiate and/or establish Risk Management Plans
  • Issue s. 59 notices for restricted land uses

Risk Management Inspector – General Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance of Part IV of the Clean Water Act
  • Perform inspections to ensure compliance
  • Issue orders and notices

Contact your Risk Management Official/Inspector

Mattagami Region Source Protection Area

Christina Beaton – City of Timmins
Phone: 705-360-2600 ext. 5073
Email: Christina.Beaton@timmins.ca


Scott Tam – City of Timmins
Phone: 705-360-2600 ext. 5035
Email: Scott.Tam@timmins.ca