Risk Management

What are Risk Management Officials and Risk Management Inspectors?

Risk management officials (RMOs) and Risk Management Inspectors (RMIs) must be certified and appointed before acting as an RMO or RMI. Certification involves completion of a mandatory training course approved by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

The RMOs and RMIs work to ensure that requirements under the Clean Water Act and the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan are met. They provide necessary notifications, negotiate risk management plans (RMPs) for certain activities of concern, develop and distribute information packages for property owners and ensure information about activities in the vulnerable areas is accurate.

What is a Risk Management Plan?

A Risk Management Plan is a document that outlines what measures are in place to reduce or eliminate the risk that a certain activity will contaminate municipal drinking water.

  • The plan focuses on prevention — it allows activities that are important to residents and business owners to carry on within vulnerable drinking water areas while at the same time ensuring the municipal drinking water source is protected.
  • The plan is site-specific – it is customized to suit the nature of the property, activity or business and can address multiple activities if necessary.
  • The plan includes and accounts for measures that are already in place – some people will only need to document what they are already doing to protect drinking water.

How is a Risk Management Plan Created?

The Risk Management Inspector or Official works with the person engaging in the activity to decide what should be in the Risk Management Plan.

  • The process provides opportunity for discussion, flexibility and agreement.
  • The person engaging in the activity receives recognition of previous efforts and good stewardship actions.
  • The Risk Management Official receives formal assurance that effective measures to protect the drinking water source are and will continue to be in place.

Are you affected by policies in the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan?

To find out if your property might be affected by policies in the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan, you can find your property through our Interactive Maps for Intake Protection Zone 1  and Intake Protection Zone 2.

If you are thinking about beginning a new activity on your property and you’re wondering if the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan polices might apply, feel free to contact the Risk Management Office. Staff contact information is provided below:

Risk Management Office

City of Timmins
Environmental Services Department
220 Algonquin Blvd. E, Timmins, ON P4N 1B3

Scott Tam – 705-360-2600 ext. 5035 – scott.tam@timmins.ca