Source Protection Committee

The Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee was established in 2007 to fulfill requirements of the Clean Water Act and its associated regulations. The Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan was developed by a committee of 9 members, including a Chair. The committee composition was shaped by Ontario Regulation 288/07 and also by a local process based on land use characteristics, water use and potential influences on water. There are currently seats for 2 municipal representatives, 2 economic sector representatives (power generation and forestry), 2 other representatives (public) and 1 First Nation representative (seat currently vacant). Three non-voting seats are also reserved for one representative from each of the following: Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks – Elizabeth Forrest; local Health Unit – Suzanne Lajoie, and the Source Protection Authority – David Vallier.

Here are your source protection committee members:

The Source Protection Committee also established its own rules of procedure which includes a code of conduct and a conflict of interest policy.

View the Source Protection Committee’s Procedural Manual (pdf)

Source Protection Committee Meetings

The Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee meets when necessary to discuss drinking water source protection activities and reporting requirements in the Mattagami Region Source Protection Area. Meetings are open to the public.

Meetings are held at the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority office, 100 Lakeshore Road, Timmins, ON (except where noted otherwise).

For more information on the Drinking Water Source Protection Program or Source Protection Planning in the Mattagami Region Source Protection Area, please contact the Source Protection Committee at