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Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority Releases Invitation for Expressions of Interest for the Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee

Overview: The Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority, in accordance with the provisions of Ontario Regulation 288/07 is currently seeking one Economic (Forestry) member and one Economic Sector (Power Generation) member to serve on the Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee.

Summary of Functions of the Source Protection Committee: Established in 2007, the Committee has successfully developed, launched and updated the Source Protection Plan. The Plan provides policies to mitigate potential threats to our municipal source of drinking water. The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks approved the Source Protection Plan on April 2, 2014 at which stage the function of the Committee transitioned primarily to evaluating the implementation of the Source Protection Plan policies and conducting periodic updates to ensure that the Plan is still relevant. The Source Protection Plan was recently updated in 2019 and was approved by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on December 3, 2019.

Obligations of a Source Protection Committee Member
Members of the Source Protection Committee should be able to:

  • Make a five year commitment to participate;
  • Attend Committee meetings (two per year);
  • Respect confidential information and abide by the process in place to safeguard confidential information;
  • Comply with the Committee’s code of conduct;
  • Act as a liaison by bringing common concerns from knowledge and experience of respective sector to the Committee;
  • Provide input and make decisions at the Committee table;
  • Understand Source Protection science concepts and technical reports. Review reports/documents as required.

Composition of the Source Protection Committee
The Source Protection Committee size and composition is determined to some extent by legislation. The Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority has approved the Committee composition to represent the multi-sectoral interests of the planning region. The approved composition of the Committee is listed below:

Municipal Sector       Economic Sector                  Other Interests Sector
Municipal (2)                   Power Generation (1)                Public-at-Large (2)
Forestry (1)

Request for Applications
The Source Protection Authority is seeking applications for the Economic Sector Forestry and Power Generation seats on the Committee.

The Source Protection Authority is also seeking a nominee from the City of Timmins for a replacement municipal representative on the Committee.

Applicant Information
A member must:

  • Reside, own property, rent property, be employed in, operate a business in, or be employed by a municipality that is located within the Mattagami Region Source Protection Area;
  • Not be a current Source Protection Authority Board or staff member;
  • Have demonstrated the ability to understand Source Protection science, concepts and technical reports;
  • Have relevant knowledge (e.g. local, municipal, watershed, scientific or technical);
  • Exhibit familiarity with the terms and concepts associated with environmental management (e.g., watersheds, hydrologic cycle, intake protection zones);
  • Have knowledge of relevant issues (environmental history, geological concepts, local geography, municipal procedures, etc.);
  • Have proven ability to act as a liaison for the sector being represented – SPC member should be familiar with the issues and considerations of the interests they represent;
  • Have problem-solving, analytical, communication and organizational skills; conciliatory decision-making skills;
  • Be open to work together positively with representatives from other sectors;
  • Have knowledge of local watershed community and issues.

How to Apply for Appointment to the Committee: Applications are currently being accepted for Economic Sector representatives, specifically the Forestry seat and Power Generation seat. If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee, please submit an “Application Form” with a brief summary of your interests and background by September 21, 2020.

To send your application or request more information contact:

Crystal Percival, Drinking Water Source Protection Lead/Planner
Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority
100 Lakeshore Road, Timmins, ON P4N 8R5