Amendments Have Been Proposed to the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report

A workplan for the Mattagami Region was submitted to the Ministry on November 30, 2017 in response to a Ministers order dated April 2, 2014. A Minister’s amended order dated May 7, 2018 was issued under section 36 of the Clean Water Act and directed the Source Protection Authority to ensure updates to the assessment report and source protection plan comply with changes to the General Regulation 287/07 and Director’s Technical Rules as well as include any other mandatory updates identified in the letter.

These amendments include incorporating technical rule changes for significant groundwater recharge areas (SGRA), handling and storage of fuel and including liquid hydrocarbon pipelines as a prescribed drinking water threat. Additionally, a new Restricted Land Use policy was incorporated in the updated plan.

Pursuant to the Clean Water Act, 2006 Section 36 (1) and Ontario Regulation 287/07, Section 50 (1) and (4), the public is invited to comment on these proposed amendments.

Notice of Amendments

Section 36 Amendments: Technical and Policy Amendments

Amendments under Section 36 of the Clean Water Act for the updated Approved Assessment Report, and the Approved Updated Source Protection Plan for the Mattagami Region Source Protection Area can be found below.

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Please provide written comments to:

Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority
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Notice of Amendments

Posted: August 16, 2019

Printed copies of the updated documents can be inspected at the Timmins Public Library, Charles M. Shields Centennial Library and the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority.