Assessment Report

The Approved Assessment Report was a required element in the development of a Source Protection Plan. The report contains the technical and scientific information that the Source Protection Committee will use to develop the Source Protection Plan.

The Assessment Report assesses the state of the City of Timmins municipal drinking water source – the Mattagami River. It describes the amount of water that is available for drinking and the quality of that water.

The report also describes the vulnerable areas around the municipal drinking water system where spills, pollution, contamination and overuse could harm source water.

Mattagami Region Assessment Report

The Mattagami Region Source Protection Committee’s Assessment Report was approved by the Director of the Source Protection Programs Branch on October 7, 2010, and was posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry on November 29, 2010.

View the Approved Assessment Report (pdf).

Appendix 1 – Maps

The Assessment Report Maps are large files and may take a few minutes to download.