The Source Protection Authority is a body created in each watershed, based on existing Conservation Authorities The Mattagami Region Conservation Authority has assumed the role of the Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority (MRSPA) now that the Clean Water Act Regulations have been proclaimed into force. Initially, the MRSPA has the important role of laying groundwork for the Source Protection Process in Mattagami Region Source Protection Area. This includes creating a Source Protection Committee, conducting technical work that will be used in the Assessment Report and engaging the municipality into the process.

The Source Protection Authority’s role will change over time. Once the Source Protection Committees are created, the Source Protection Authority’s role becomes focused on supporting the Committee in its duties and providing technical and scientific support to both the Committee and the municipality as required. Once the Plan is approved, the Source Protection Authority will continue to have a role in monitoring and reporting on progress in implementing the Source Protection Plan and in amending the Plan.

Mattagami Region Source Protection Authority Board Members

  • Noella Rinaldo: Chair
  • Walter Wawrzszek: Vice-Chair
  • Andrew Marks
  • Steven Black
  • Veronica Farrell